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This probably should be obvious

The Argument for the Jury

It’s no secret that Derek Chauvin’s defense team fought a losing battle from the start of the trial. This was true on a purely evidentiary basis, but if that wasn’t enough, the justice of George Floyd’s memory is better served by this diverse jury.

The jury was comprised of four Black people, two of mixed race, and 8 White people.

Race in this country plays an incredibly important role in individual moral structure. Meaning that people’s morals in America are, in part, constructed on their experiences as a member of a certain race. Those Black jurors probably perceive justice differently…

Eric Nelson, Attorney for Derek Chauvin

“I want to talk about reason and common sense and how that applies to the evidence that you’re about to see”

Going by the words of Attorney for Derek Chauvin, let’s go through his opening statement by using reason and common sense. Too often are attorneys allowed to avoid the consequences of their own words, so let’s go through and iron out some inconsistencies.

The ultimate test is brought forth.

“What would a reasonable person do.”

I’m not going to write that you guess about what a reasonable person would do. I’m not going to ask you what this attorney…

I am surrounded by walls thick with secrets and dollars. Eating at my table are those who wish harm upon the working class. Words of hate and animosity pass into my mind without any hero to stand against them. A click of my mouse silences voices that deserve to ring evermore in the hallways of this place. A tap on my keyboard issues empty promises and emptier rhetoric. Dirty images depicting evil thoughts scream at me through my TV.

Coffee after coffee does nothing to quench the exhausting thirst. The thirst that follows when sitting on a chair balanced on…

“I used to have students, now they’re all just little boxes on my screen.”

She teaches high school Spanish. Ever since the pandemic flooded our timelines and closed our schools, this California teacher has had to adapt to teaching her students in an online setting.

On the Friday of the week before last, I took notes in one of her classes. The light from the basement’s white fluorescent lights reflects a sickly yellow glow from the old linoleum. She’s teaching from her a 13-inch MacBook Pro given to her 10 years ago. …

Honestly don’t worry about it, just trust me 😉

#1 — Ghost Your Friends

Have you been really overwhelmed with even moderate social contact? Do you feel like your friends have committed minor perceived offenses that are unacceptable? If you answer yes, and I know you did, this leads to our first toxic tip.

It’s time to forget the good times, and ghost your friends. Tell them you’re sick or that you had a “family emergency” or any number of whiney excuses that you would use on your college professor.

One of the more essential methods that you can employ is something I’ve coined as…

My opinions on three movies from the week

On the Basis of Sex

A great showing from Felicity Jones. I’ll always remember how she saved Rogue One single-handedly. At the beginning of the week, I was on quite a “strong female lead” kick at the beginning of the week and this movie was a great way to start it. Jones does an amazing job of bringing life to this character. This movie brings something to RBG’s story. It bring the idea of family into the equation.

The director of On the Basis of Sex makes a point of showing how complicated family can be. Mimi Leder, the director of the movie does a…


A classic of course. I started with an easy watch; perhaps the easiest of watches. There is a beautiful simplicity to the movie. Cher Horowitz never really has anything insane happen to her. There’s no murder, no mayhem. Just beautiful outfits and sunny Southern California.

Following Horowitz around Beverley Hills while she drives her Jeep through pedestrians and roads alike. It’s a perfect way to start the week. Do some self-care, have a glass of wine, and watch Cher Horowitz find herself and Paul Rudd at the same time.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

I was hesitant to watch this one because I thought it…

Charlize Theron has my heart

From director Gina Prince-Bythewood, The Old Guard is a fun action flick that’s easy to watch. The direction to the actors is really what makes this Netflix movie shine. Though Netflix has a somewhat varied past in regards to feature films, this movie is a diamond in the rough. As movie theaters are closed around the country, The Old Guard is a return to classic action that draws audiences.

The new comedy, Irresistible, by Jon Stewart receives a passable rating from me only because of the originality of the idea. The movie overall is too heavy handed, and comes across more as a strong lecture than anything.

The writer and director of this movie is Jon Stewart but I am not sure that does wonders for the construction of the movie. The humor is a mix of Steve Carell awkwardness and Jon Stewart talk show host humor. Both of which do not really fit in a movie too well. …

Cher Horowitz is my newest icon

Originally from California, I am not sure how this adorable movie slipped through the cracks of my movie lists. Clueless is absolutely adorable. The low stakes comedy, easy laughs, and bold acting make the rom com a pleasure to watch. Though I don’t often review rom coms, they are definitely one of my favorite kinds of movie.

Tekla Rolland

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